The Most Innovative and Efficient Freeze Protection System Available

The Retro-Line heating cable system provides easy and long lasting freeze protection for water pipes

A Unique Heating Cable System Easily Installed Without the Need to Excavate

High Quality

High quality, industrial-grade heating cable with 5 year limited warranty, 10 year extended warranty available

Easy to Install

Installs inside existing pipe without the need to excavate; robust and flexible heating cable can be pushed up to 300 ft

Complete System

Ready to use, customizable system; complete with all plumbing components, heating cable and plug-end

How It Works

The Retro-Line self-regulating heating cable system is supplied in a predetermined length with everything you need for a complete job-ready system including self-regulating heating cable, plumbing fittings and plug-end. It is a safe and reliable solution to freeze protect many different water pipe applications including residential water supply from wells, lakes, building to building and more.

Advanced Freeze Protection

Unlike conventional pipe heat tape the Retro-Line system's self-regulating heating cable can increase heat output to every point microscopically along its length which is cold and simultaneously reduce heat to points that are warm. You never have to worry about overheating causing a risk of melting and fire. Retro-Line gives you the peace of mind of reliable freeze protection without the risk.


"I bought a Retro-Line for my well to house line, it has worked flawlessly for almost 3 winters now and other than turning it on when ground freezes and off in spring when it thaws it is set and forget."

Peter H.


"We have used Heat-line products for many years now and have come to always depend on the quality and performance. The ease of installation of the Retro-Line series makes protecting shallow lake intake lines a piece of cake! Nice to have a product you can always depend on and good people to talk to at the factory."

Steven R.

New York

"Received, inspected and installed. AWESOME product. Pushed 150’ like a champ. No doubt longer would be a breeze as well."

Dan T.