OEM Manufacturing

Heat-Line works with manufacturers seeking custom solutions and completed subassemblies to augment their product or to solve specific problems/challenges.

Services include:

  • Custom brand labelling
  • Custom packaging
  • Design reviews
  • Manufacturing services
  • Medium to large volume production
  • Forecast & JIT production scheduling
  • Supply chain management
  • Client confidentiality is assured, non-disclosure agreements for: initial discussions, engineering, production

Custom Solutions & New Product Development

Heat-Line also works with individuals and organizations to develop custom freeze protection solutions, where quantity requirements are low and custom branding & packaging are not required.

Services include:

  • Custom product design to client's specification
  • Product modification to solve specific requirement
  • New product development using cutting-edge technology
  • Design reviews
  • Manufacturing services
  • Small to medium size quantity production runs
  • Rapid turn-around time, typically less than 1 week

Features & Benefits

  • Over 100,000 solutions in the field
  • Well-equipped modern prototyping shop
  • Heat-Line's rapid prototyping shortens client's time-to-market
  • Ability to quickly ramp production
  • In-house technical and consulting staff ready to take your call
  • Proven 6-step process and methodology: define, design, prototype, test, production, warranty
  • Industry leader; experience since 1988
  • Ship globally; clients on almost every continent


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