Product Development

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Since all factory terminated products offered by Heat-Line are designed and manufactured by Heat-Line, there is always the ability to perform many custom requests. Examples of custom requests would be a system length specified to the foot and/or inch. The power supply lead on CS and GFC units can also be requested to be of a greater length than what is supplied standard. Special fitting sizes and configurations can also be requested on the Retro-Line product as well as many different requests with CARAPACE.

New product development is also possible where multiple requests for the same solution exist or where there is sufficient order volume.  Heat-Line develops custom solutions and products for unique freeze protection requirements. All custom solutions feature Heat-Line's commitment to quality, reliability, product consistency, regulatory authorities such as CSA and thought leadership.

Heat-Line is a Canadian company that offers innovative freeze protection solutions for customers in Canada, the United States and around the world. Heat-Line designs, manufactures and sells an extensive range of freeze protection products and custom freeze protection systems for residential and commercial, industrial, municipal, mining and OEM applications.