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All Heat-Line systems feature Heat-Line self-regulating heating cable technology which can increase heat output with cold but more importantly, decrease heat output with warmth. Unlike outdated heat tape, Heat-Line electrical heating cables will never overheat, are long-lasting, easy to install and operate, safe to insulate and extremely energy efficient. Heat-Line self-regulating cables take away the uncertainty by ensuring that every system is meticulously tagged, tested, and factory certified to meet the rigorous standards for self-regulating cables by renowned North American regulatory agencies like CSA and NSF.


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In-Pipe Trace and On-Pipe Trace

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Heat-Line offers pipe tracing solutions that prioritizes safety and meet the highest safety standards in North America for electrical heat tracing systems. Heat-Line heat trace systems have been leaders in the heating cable market for over 30 years and are meticulously engineered and fully certified for both electrical safety and potable water (drinking water safe) usage where applicable. With a commitment to excellence, Heat-Line products are engineered to be the safest, most reliable, and longest lasting systems on the market. Heat-Line understands the paramount importance of safety and reliability in heating tracing and heat trace for pipes. Many outdated heat trace wires used for pipe tracing and some other so called self-regulating heating cables systems available on the market may pose significant risks, including the potential for malfunction, electrical fire hazards, and, in the case of heating cables in contact with water, contamination that could render the water unsafe for consumption. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a self-regulating heating cable system that exceeds industry safety standards and ensures the well-being of your property and its occupants.

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Roof Ice Dam Prevention and Roof Ice Dam Solutions

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Heat-Line provides reliable and innovative self-regulating heat cables and electrical heat trace products designed for roof and gutter de-icing. Heat-Line self-regulating heating cable systems and electrical heating cables ensure safe and long-lasting protection for roof edges, gutters, downspouts and drainage pipes.

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